Security and Compliance Technician

Purpose of Position

The Security & Compliance Technician (SCT) works in support of compliance requirements and company risk tolerance to manifest controls that reflect workable compromises as well as proactive responses to current and future information security risks, and produces metrics and communications for management. A member of the Technical Support team, the SCT works on the normal support ticket flow when not dealing with a Security or Compliance issue. SCT oversees SAS70, PCI, Security Scans (3rd party and local), and customer related security concerns. In addition, SCM coordinates Data Center Maintenance contracts for infrastructure equipment.


The SCT reports to the Vice President of Technology. Responsibilities include overseeing all Security & Compliance related issues. SCT manages work flow and task delegation when projects are Security or Compliance related. SCT enforces policies that are required by Compliance regulation.

Key Responsibilities

· Process and resolve any security scans relating to SupraNet managed equipment.
· Perform security scans on customer equipment when requested
· Enforce current/updated client Service Level Agreements information for all clients
· Maintain PCI and SSAE 16 contracts for compliance
· Work with auditors to obtain and/or create any documentation required for compliance
· Monitor sign-in sheets, guest badges, video surveillance
· Maintain HVAC, UPS, Generator contracts for and monitor data center equipment for failures and schedule maintenance as needed
· Recommend firewall/other security device per customer application on proposals
· Price and purchase equipment for customer proposals
· Generate hardware proposals for customers when sales intervention is not needed
· Provide client support and technical issue resolution via e-mail, phone and other electronic medium

Other Responsibilities

· Configuration of client equipment
· Subject to On-Call support
· Attend SupraNet scheduled maintenance

Job Requirements

· Experience with hardware and software applications and issues
· Proficient in Internet related applications such as Apache, Bind, Postfix, Exim, and PHP, as well as contact management systems, database software and word processing software
· Understanding of Networking Concepts such as VLANs, Trunking, Spanning Tree, MPLS, Variable Length Subletting, among others
· Experience with Cisco, Juniper, and MikroTik equipment
· Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines
· Self motivated, detail-oriented and organized
· Excellent communication (oral and written), interpersonal, organizational and presentation skills in keeping with the Company’s Core Values
· Knowledge of, and active adherence to, the Company’s Security and Acceptable Use, Records Management and Retention and Disaster Recovery Plan (roles and responsibility)
· Mathematical proficiency with the ability to apply basic concepts of algebra and geometry

Education and Experience Requirements

· 3-5 years of technical or college IT-Networking/IT-Systems Administration or commensurate experience
· A minimum of 3 years of job-related experience

If you feel you have what it takes to be considered to join the SupraNet team, please send your resume and cover letter to