Senior Support Technician

Position Description

The Senior Internet Support Technician provides internal as well as external customer technical support on all levels of supported technologies. The position also has responsibility for training and maintaining best-practices for all technicians providing support and will also help maintain all data center hardware and software. Responsibilities include technical customer service and internal technical support, troubleshooting and assisting in customer installations. The Internet Support Technician must comply with established policies, procedures and overall Company Core Values.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ultimate responsibility for the ticket queue (ticket czar), ticket quality and timely closing of all tickets
  • Responsible for customer support best practices, training of new support techs and customer escalations
  • Promote and maintain a high level quality of customer service via telephone and email
  • Provide internal technical support for employees and contractors
  • Maintain and upgrade desktop and server infrastructure
  • Assist in troubleshooting of WAN circuits internally and with various vendors
  • Assist in customer installation of Web Hosting, VMs, Email, and Dedicated Servers
  • Provide system administration support for Unix and Windows servers
  • Perform research and development to help develop new products or enhance existing products
  • Create and maintain accurate documentation on technical procedures and client support issues
  • As needed, participate in and contribute to quarterly after hours scheduled maintenance and outage tasks
  • Participate in a rotation of on-call after hours support
  • Have knowledge of and actively adhere to SupraNet’s Security and Acceptable Use, Records Management and Retention and Disaster Recovery Plan

Education and Experience

  • 2+ Years IT support and degree in computer related field preferred
  • Experience with the installation, navigation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD servers
  • Ability to easily navigate a Unix machine via shell
  • Website setup and diagnostic skills with Apache, Nginx, PHP, and IIS
  • Proficiency with relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
  • Experience with virtualization technologies (Xen, VMWare, etc.)
  • Expertise with the command line and shell scripting
  • Comfortable with hardware troubleshooting, especially in a data center environment
  • Ideal candidate will possess a balance of *nix and Windows knowledge and be a strong Open Source technology advocate
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills required

About SupraNet

SupraNet Communications, Inc. is a local, award-winning, Madison-based company with more than 21 years of experience providing fast, direct and reliable Internet services to businesses across southern Wisconsin. We are a fun, innovative, growth-oriented company with a social conscience and a strong community presence. We compete on relationships, and we constantly strive for long-term customer and employee loyalty. We believe in open and honest communication with our clients and with each other and work together to build a culture of transparency and constant improvement that leads to strong and trusting client relationships. We do not fear mistakes, we learn from them. We do not shy away from change, we embrace innovation. By helping our clients to succeed and our employees to prosper, we enable our community to flourish as a vibrant and competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem that fuels our collective long-term success. If you want to be part of the SupraNet team and have great communication and problem-solving skills, work well in a fast-paced environment, and have a positive, upbeat attitude, then we invite you to apply.