A SupraNet Communications Partnership: PerBlue

In an industry as diverse and as rapidly changing as the Internet, it has become common for customers to switch providers frequently to keep up with their own changing business demands. At SupraNet, we value our client relationships and pride ourselves on our client retention rate. We aim to grow with our client’s evolving needs. In turn, more than 60% of our clients have been with us for over 5 years, with almost 20% having been with us for 10 years or more.

In 2010, PerBlue began their business partnership with SupraNet. Led by CEO Justin Beck, PerBlue is a mobile and social gaming software company based in Madison. Started in 2008 by Beck and business partner, Andrew Hanson, PerBlue has grown from five to 35 full-time employees. When the idea of starting their own business arose, Beck and Hanson wanted to create a game with four goals in mind: it had to be played on phones, it had to be fun, it had to be profitable and (just for fun) would have to use the phone’s GPS. The company’s flagship product, Parallel Kingdom, was born and billed as the first mobile location-based role-playing game. It combines GPS technology and gaming software so players with handheld devices can compete on their own turf for world dominance. To learn more about PerBlue or Parallel Kingdom, visit www.perblue.com.

With more than one million players worldwide, PerBlue has come to count on SupraNet's reliability and availability. Beck states, “SupraNet keeps our servers running, so our gamers can keep on gaming.” SupraNet is able to support the demands of PerBlue to allow their operation to run smoothly without game-play interruption. It is this type of dependability and reliability that makes SupraNet stand apart from other Internet Service Providers. SupraNet is excited to support PerBlue as they continue to grow and expand their business.

At SupraNet, our commitment to provide superior reliability and customer service and our unwavering integrity play a critical role in our continued long-term customer loyalty. Every client is treated like the valued partner they are and is given the time and attention they deserve. In addition to live call support, SupraNet makes a point to check in with clients often to make sure that their needs are being met as their businesses evolve and change.

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