A SupraNet Communications Partnership: Flad Architects

The Internet industry is rapidly becoming more diverse and is always changing. In that type of fast paced environment, it has become common for Internet customers to switch providers frequently to keep up with their own changing business demands. At SupraNet, we value our client relationships and pride ourselves on our client retention rate. We aim to grow with our client’s evolving needs. In turn, more than 60% of our clients have been with us for over 5 years, with almost 20% having been with us for 10 years or more.

In 2006, Flad Architects began their business partnership with SupraNet. Flad specializes in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, master planning, strategic planning, structural engineering, and sustainable design. They believe that in every discipline, architecture should reflect each organization’s values, enhance the organizational culture, embody the company’s identity, and through innovative physical surroundings, actively help them discover, imagine and achieve. To learn more about Flad Architects visit www.flad.com.

Stan Garvin, Flad Architect’s Senior UNIX Administrator has come to rely on SupraNet to ensure that Flad’s IT operations run smoothly. Garvin stated, “We have depended on SupraNet for many levels of connectivity over the years. I’ve found it an absolute pleasure, and rarity, to work with staff that are not only technically excellent, but have the necessary communication skills to competently understand their client’s needs. Measured in all regards, SupraNet’s service and support has been flawless. So much so, that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any organization.”

At SupraNet, our commitment to provide superior reliability and customer service and our unwavering integrity play a critical role in our continued long-term customer loyalty. Every client is treated like the valued partner they are and is given the time and attention they deserve. In addition to live call support, SupraNet makes a point to check in with clients often to make sure that their needs are being met as their businesses evolve and change.

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