SupraNet returns as the Fusion 2013 CEO-CIO Symposium Technology Sponsor

SupraNet Communications, Inc. is proud to once again be the Technology Sponsor of the Fusion 2013 CEO-CIO Symposium. In addition to the technology sponsorship, SupraNet has also made a donation to Accelerate Madison on behalf of the attendees of Fusion 2013.

The WTN Media Fusion 2013 CEO-CIO Symposium is a highly interactive event that brings together executives from every level, including CEOs, CIOs, COOs and CFOs, who aim to deepen their ability to deliver business value through information technology. The 2013 Fusion Symposium, held at the Fluno Center in Madison, WI will deliver relevant, high-quality and commercial free information thanks to the dedicated advisory board, conference chair and co-chairs.

This year’s conference chair is Richard Davidson. He is assisted by co-chairs Rick Roy, Bentley Curran, and David Cagigal. Featured symposium topics include Business First – Mobile Second, The CIO as Revenue Rainmaker, Unleashing Latent IT Value with Complementary Clouds, and Using Conflict to Transform Your Business.
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