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These directions are written for Android version 2.3. To add a new mail account:

  1. From the app menu, touch the E-Mail icon. If you do not have an account configured, it will prompt you for settings.
  1. Enter your email address and password on the first page, and touch "Next"
  1. Select POP3 or IMAP. If you will be checking mail on another computer as well, we recommend using IMAP on your handheld device.
  1. Enter Incoming server settings as shown below. Username should be your full email address, and the password should be your normal e-mail account password. Touch "Next".
  1. Enter Outgoing server settings as shown below. Again, username should be your full email address. Touch "Next".
  1. On the Account options page, the default settings are generally okay. You may want to change the frequency, however more frequent checks can impact battery life. Touch "Next".
  1. Finally, you can enter an optional account name (useful if you're setting up multiple accounts), and a display name that you want recipients to see on your messages. Generally, you want this to be your name. Touch "Done".#