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Frequently Asked Questions

What number should I use for dial-up Internet access?

You may use either of the following:

  • (608)661-8410
  • (608)227-1012

What is the name of the mail server/POP3/SMTP server?

There are multiple mail servers. Recently set up mail accounts will be mail.yourdomain.com, other accounts will be mail.supranet.net.

Is web-based email available?

Yes. Web-based email is available at http://mail.supranet.net/ or http://mailbox.supranet.net/.

Why can I receive mail, but not send?

If you are trying to acccess your mail from outside the SupraNet network, make sure your e-mail client is configured for SMTP authentication.

Where can I find your DNS servers?

SupraNet has two types of DNS servers: private, recursive servers for our connectivity customers, and our public, authoritative servers for domain name hosting.

Private DNS Servers:


Public DNS Servers:

  • dns1.supranet.net
  • dns2.supranet.net

What is the name of the USENET news server?

Our USENET news server can be found at [1].

Why don't my username and password work?

All our usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Please make sure you are using the correct case, and that you don't accidentally have Caps Lock on.